Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Procedure text !


Materials :
ü   Some ears of sweet  corn
ü  5  or more table spoons of margarine
ü  2 cloves of garlic
ü  a pinch of salt
ü  some chillies (if you like)
Tools        :
ü  plate
ü  small bowl
ü  grill
ü  fan
ü  brush
 Steps   :
First , peel  the corn skin . Second , grind the garlic,salt and chili . Third mix the margarine with the ground  garlic mixture . Fourth , brush the corn with margarine mixture and roast it on a grill until a bit burned.Fith , brus the corn with the margarine mixture once again and roas until cooked. Finally ,serve it in hot ar warm